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Bird Management and Exclusion Service

Birds play various beneficial roles in our life like feather production, controlling insect pest populations, and controlling weeds. Birds also eat fruits and vegetables from our home gardens or roost at our homes. Pigeons, mynahs, and sparrows are most common problem birds at homes and businesses. PECOPP brings you easy, effective, and cost-friendly bird management solutions.

How can PECOPP help you tackle bird problems?

Elimination of birds and destroying their nests are illegal so the best way to control birds is by scaring them away or by repelling them. PECOPP brings you two most effective ways to repel birds.


Our Spike-based solution:

PVC or stainless steel bird spikes keep pest birds away from structures worldwide.

PECOPP installs spikes on rooftop edges, ledges, window sills, chimneys, and other bird roosting and nesting places. Spikes prevent pest birds from landing on the perch or roost on spikes. Bird control spikes create a physical barrier and eliminate bird damage and liability and are not harmful, as they only prevent pest birds from landing.


Benefits of spikes:

  1. Spike installations are 100% effective and repel birds 24X7.
  2. Easy, one-time solution with no maintenance.
  3. Clear, lightweight, less-costly bird control method.
  4. Spikes don’t corrode or decay and are safe for humans.

Our Net-based solution:

Bird nets are made of plastic and are long-lasting, hygienic, good value for money, and do not harm the birds in any way. PECOPP has different mesh openings effective for different sized birds. Nets protect structures from pigeons, mynas, and sparrows

  • Nets are durable, strong and waterproof.
  • Nets are aesthetically most appropriate for residential & commercial purposes.
  • Nets are translucent and are nearly invisible.
  • Nets have simple installation and are low maintenance.

How can birds create problems for us?

Pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and crows are the most common pest birds. Large pest bird flocks are a nuisance in public spaces. Bird faeces or droppings deface structures, accelerate property deterioration, cause food contamination, and transmit diseases. Straw, sticks, and grasses in bird nests generate debris that clogs equipment and pipes.  Birds have numerous diseases including pigeon ornithosis, encephalitis, histoplasmosis, and host ticks or other insect ectoparasites. If birds settle into a nest around your property their eviction is a challenge.


Ready to fight birds with PECOPP?

What can you do to prevent birds at your home? 


  1. Place shiny or reflective objects at entry points to deter birds. If you place metallic wrapping papers or plastic ribbons, or old CDs,  near the resting, or landing areas, they repel birds.
  2. Effigies or bird scarers keep birds away to an extent. Replicas of bird predators like cats or owls deter nuisance birds from nesting or landing. Wooden, metal, or predator effigies of other materials withstand the outdoor environment and help repel nuisance birds.
  3. Do not place food at landing or roosting sites.

Ready to Fight Birds with PECOPP?

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