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    A Chain of Cinema Theatres


    What did PECOPP do?

    A few years ago, PECOPP was on-boarded by a theatre company for rodent management for six of their properties in a metro city.

    We extensively surveyed their movie theatres to identify rodent entry points and the rodent runways during the movement inside theatre auditoriums. We made a two-point rodent management plan by which we trapped all the rodents inside the customer’s properties and stopped the entry of rodents by sealing their access points to get inside.

    What did we find?

    Modern cinemas are located in malls that have multiple entry points all conducive for rodent entry. The PECOPP team was aware that its success lay in a thorough assessment of all the potential rodent-entry points at the cinema theatres. We knew that only a thorough audit
    identifying all the potential entry points would be the key to a successful rodent management program.

    What was our impact?


    The theatre chain’s patrons stopped complaining about rodents, and the losses from damage by rodents became minimal. In our three years of operations, we have eliminated the rodents at nearly one hundred properties of the cinema chain, which we manage for pests. From being their biggest problem rodents are now absent at our customer’s cinemas.

    About Us

    We at PECOPP established this company with one vision in mind: To bring innovation and convenience to the Pest control industry.

    Being 50 years in the pest control business, we have tackled all types of pests in all kinds of premises from residential, housing societies, restaurants, factories, offices, hospitals, and many more.

    Reach Us

    Unit no.B-1311, Kohinoor Square,
    N.C. Kelkar Road, Dadar (W)
    Mumbai – 400028

    P: +91 72089 93333