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    An iconic eatery where you can bump into many famous faces, this restaurant has been a mainstay for a long time at a location where other eateries have not lasted.


    What did we do?


    One day, we received a call from the management of the above restaurant stating that they were unhappy with the service quality of their current pest control operator (PCO). The PCO’s weekly pest treatments were ineffective in checking the increase in cockroach population at the eatery. We took charge of the situation and assured the management that we would effectively and immediately control their restaurant’s pest issues.

    What did our team find?


    The restaurant’s décor had a lot of wood, and the kitchen area was extremely congested, providing an ideal harborage for cockroaches and affecting the efficacy of the pest treatments.

    What was our impact?


    PECOPP convinced the manager it could effectively treat cockroaches at the restaurant. The manager was happy that their eatery could confidently serve guests without the fear of cockroaches sneaking out when diners were relishing their meals.

    What did PECOPP deliver?


    We assessed the structure to identify the restaurant’s key cockroach harbourages. We placed cockroach monitoring traps (CMTs) to know the extent of the infestation. After our treatment against cockroaches, we used the CMTs to assess the effectiveness of our service through the reduced level of cockroaches trapped in the CMTs.


    The PECOPP team focussed the treatment against cockroaches to areas of a higher number of cockroaches in the CMTs. Our approach was a safer bet to a restaurant as most PCOs extensively spray pesticides if they can’t pinpoint a cockroach infestation.


    PECOPP’s superior CMTs are very effective in assessing the location of a cockroach infestation, the age of the population and the level of the infestation. We restricted our pesticide treatments to the areas needing attention that we determined from the findings of CMTs.


    We Treat Your Business Like It’s Ours &
    We Don’t Have A Single Pest!

    About Us

    We at PECOPP established this company with one vision in mind: To bring innovation and convenience to the Pest control industry.

    Being 50 years in the pest control business, we have tackled all types of pests in all kinds of premises from residential, housing societies, restaurants, factories, offices, hospitals, and many more.

    Reach Us

    Unit no.B-1311, Kohinoor Square,
    N.C. Kelkar Road, Dadar (W)
    Mumbai – 400028

    P: +91 72089 93333