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FLYght One

The product attracts and traps houseflies, other filth flies and other flying insects which respond to UV-A. It is an excellent aid for kitchens, restaurants, pharmaceutical concerns, hospitals, operation theatres, sweet shops, food industries, breweries, dairies, farmhouses and other places with filth fly problems.

If you are a stickler for hygiene at your premises and are embarrassed when customers see flies, this product is a must. Insect fly catchers in your premises show your customers that you really care for cleanliness.

Flies are carriers of germs causing various dreadful diseases. They sit on garbage, dung and other filthy places, pick up germs that stick to their bodies and transmit the same to your food. Besides flies, this FLYght One may also attract dragon flies, bees, moths, bumblebees, and some other flying insects.

FLYght One’s LEDs provide constant UV output through the trap lifetime. It is also hassle free as you don’t need to change UV tubes annually. As FLYght One has intrinsically shatter-proof LEDs, wind or pressure will not cause breakage of the light source. We have configured FLYght One for universal glue boards which you can easily get in the market. FLYght One’s glueboard positioning prevents UV exposure, making the boards last longer.


  1.  No replacement of LEDs for 50000 hours
  2. Sleek, sturdy, lightweight and compact
  3. Lowest energy consuming Insect Light Trap (ILT)
  4. Unique design of concealed glueboards
  5. Upto eighty percent electricity saving


Since there are no moving parts, FLYght One requires no maintenance. FLYght One comes with a twelve (12) month guarantee against manufacturing defects. The life of the LEDs is 50000 lighting hours.

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We at PECOPP established this company with one vision in mind: To bring innovation and convenience to the Pest control industry.

Being 50 years in the pest control business, we have tackled all types of pests in all kinds of premises from residential, housing societies, restaurants, factories, offices, hospitals, and many more.

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