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Does the threat of a termite infestation make you scramble for pest control? If so, you are not alone. Trying to fix or replace termite-damaged assets can take a toll on your pocket. 

So, the best path toward avoiding this altogether is to identify the risk of termites and quell it immediately. Read on to find out more. 

How Do Termites Damage Your Property

Termites devour anything from furniture to books and insulation to even pool liners and channels. Heavy infestations might also cause serious damage to your home’s interior walls and wood furnishings. They also degrade trees and shrubs, particularly those in poor health. 

If you wish to sell your property, a termite examination and report will likely be necessary. As a result, your local pest control, for instance, pest control services in Mumbai, can assist you in preparing yourself.

Below are some ways in which termites impact your property.

Harming Your Property’s Structural Foundation

Termite infestations usually start with the home’s foundational wood. You may discover these infestations in places like crawl spaces or along the structural walls. 

Significant harm to these places can be costly due to the difficulty of restoration. Not to forget, such damage frequently affects other aspects of your home too. 

Damaging The Wood Supporting Your Windows And Doors

Many portions of your home include wood that is difficult to assess. Termite-prone material involves the wood beneath your house, inside the walls, in closets, and other similar areas.

Deteriorating Furniture And Other Belongings 

Termites that begin on the wood beneath your house will travel into your walls if not controlled. They’ll ultimately ruin your furniture and paper goods as well. For instance, a quick search for pest control services in your area, pest control in Pune, can go a long way. 

Which Termite Species Has Attacked Your Home? 

Subterranean termites, on average, produce greater damage than dry wood or damp wood termites. 

These termites dwell in massive colonies with thousands of termites within every colony. Therefore, they inflict a lot of harm in a short amount of time. 

Drywood termites do not need moisture and will eat away at your property despite moisture maintenance. 

Your location influences the type of termites your property is prone to. For example, pest control services in Delhi may be called to deal with dry wood termites, while pest control Mumbai professionals may have more cases of subterranean termites to tackle. 

How To Identify Termites In Your Home

The first stage in termite control is to be aware of their presence. Termites seldom surface from the earth, mud tubes, or sources of food that they burrow through. 

The following are among the methods for determining whether you have termites:

  • Inspect exposed wood for hollow patches by prodding it (you can use a flathead screwdriver or a tool with similar features).
  • Stay on the lookout for termite swarms (it is easy to mistake ant swarms for termite swarms, so make sure you learn how to differentiate). 

Here are some signs of termites in your home:

  • Mud tubes branching across the walls or along the ground
  • Signs of wood damage.
  • Wood dust around the property
  • Stuck windows or doors
  • Mounds and swarms

Getting Rid Of A Termite Infestation: Things To Avoid

Termites are more difficult to eradicate than most other household pests. So, if you notice termites, call pest control services immediately. 

Make sure you use appropriate grading and drainage and keep the soil surrounding the foundation dry. Reduce the number of openings that termites can use to enter the building. Use caulk, cement, or grout to fill up any cracks. 

Avoid letting any leaks develop, and repair them as soon as possible. You should not allow plants or debris to obstruct vents.

Trees and bushes should not be placed too near the structure, and they should not develop against bare wood surfaces. Furthermore, firewood or wood waste should not be piled or stored near the home.

To avoid termite infestations, inspect your home regularly.


Traditional or old-fashioned termite treatment methods employ hazardous chemicals harmful to our health. In addition, they can taint or even destroy your walls and furnishings. Peacopp solves this problem by providing you with an option to termite-proof your home while under construction or after its construction by using the latest pesticides that help control termites. In addition, we employ various methods to safeguard the building blocks of your home to provide a guaranteed stop to termite infiltration. Pecopp, your professional pest control expert, is just a click away.

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