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PECOPP recently installed RodeXit to prevent rodent entry at an Indian food processor, becoming the first PCO in India to use the product.  In keeping with its vision of bringing innovation and convenience to the Indian pest control industry, PECOPP now offers RodeXit All-In-One (AIO) seal for preventing rodent entry through gaps.

RodeXit is a flexible and versatile product whose ten steel wires are an effective deterrent to rodents.  Most customers wrongly rely on common materials like rubber sheets or foam to close gaps below shutters at their factories, as rodents chew through such soft barriers to enter premises.  The search of food and pharmaceutical companies for a simple, inexpensive, effective, and long-lasting rodent deterrent ends with RodeXit.

Rodexit All-In-One seal

The Santoprene strip of RodeXit AIO has ten steel wires to prevent rodent gnawing, which happens with other soft rodent-proofing materials without internal deterrents.  Santoprene is a soft and versatile thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) elastomer (TPE) that is flexible and suitable for most field rodent proofing situations.  

RodeXit Strip with ten exposed steel wires

RodeXit’s versatility makes it suitable to seal gaps below doors or shutters and vertical (or astragal) gaps between glass doors. PECOPP can also close the gaps around pipes by installing four overlapping RodeXit strip pieces like the picture below.

RodeXit fixed over a pipe to prevent rodent entry

RodeXit AIO is a 35 mm. strip available with PECOPP in 25 m.  rolls.  A customer seeking rodent proofing only needs to measure the length of the shutter or door according to which they cut the RodeXit AIO of equivalent length.  The only special tool our customers need for RodeXit is tin snips which can cut through the thermoplastic in RodeXit, having ten 1 mm. thick steel wires.  In addition, RodeXit AIO has screw hole markings using which a technician can fix the seal to a steel or wooden door with screws and washers.

RodeXit fixed with screws and washers

In RodeXit’s country of origin (Denmark), the availability of power tools ensures that people install the AIO seal in under ten minutes.  In India, we are confident that our technicians or customers fix RodeXit in under thirty minutes in most cases.

Even though the strip is 35 mm. wide, RodeXit can close gaps up to 50 mm, for which we would use two overlapping strips 35 mm. wide.  The two overlapping layers of RodeXit ensure a higher degree of rodent protection.  RodeXit is versatile as you can fix it on wooden or metal strips for aesthetics in rodent-proofing a gap.  Apart from the use of screws, you can use adhesives to fix RodeXit.  

We recommend that our customers prevent rodent entry into their homes or businesses as indoor rodent activity leads to contamination, damage, bad odor, and diseases.  Rodent proofing using the RodeXit AIO seal is an easier option than trapping or baiting rodents and reduces the long-term rodent management costs.

If you are the owner of premises which suffers from regular rodent entry, please get in touch with us.

We look forward to continuing the rodent proofing revolution in India by fixing the RodeXit rodent proofing strip to prevent mice, rats, and bandicoots’ entry into our customers’ premises.






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