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PECOPP stall at the Clean India Show (CIS) 2022 to display FLYght, RodeXit, and Aedes-X for the first time in India

PECOPP is participating in the Clean India Show 2022 in Greater Noida from 13 to 15 July 2022 by having a stall at the event.  

At the CIS 2022, PECOPP displays three products in India for the first time, including FLYght fly-catchers, RodeXit rodent-proofing strip, and the Aedes-X Smart gravitrap.

FLYght Traps: Singapore’s Pestroniks Innovations Pte. Ltd. (Pestroniks) FLYght One and FLYght Duo UV LED Insect Light Traps (ILTs) are the only UV LED ILTs manufactured in India.  

As other sellers import their UV LED ILTs from their overseas manufacturing locations, FLYght traps are more readily available at short notice.  They are less expensive compared to our competitor’s products.  Further, Pestroniks offers better service through supply replacements in case of any breakdowns (which rarely occur), which is not possible when a seller supplies imported ILTs to Indian customers.

FLYght traps’ LEDs last fifty thousand (50,000) hours and consume less than 20% of UV fluorescent traps’ electricity usage of a three-tube 45W UV fluorescent tube trap.  The FLYght trap electricity use savings are slightly lesser at 77% compared to a two-tube 30W UV fluorescent trap.    

CIS 2022 shall display sleek, compact, and sturdy metallic-frame FLYght traps at the PECOPP stall.  

FLYght One and FLYght Duo are compact, making many viewers wonder how such a small trap can be effective as conventional fluorescent tube ILTs, which are about double the size of FLYght traps.  

The metal shell of FLYght traps makes them sturdy, last longer, and withstand handling without damage for many years.

At the CIS 2022, PECOPP stall visitors can open the FLYght trap to notice that the eight UV LEDs face the white bio-Visual Enhancer (VE)+ board at the back of the trap.  

The bright glow in FLYght traps is a reflection from the bioVE+ board, and its UV component (which people can’t see) attracts filth flies to the FLYght trap.  

A FLYght trap has two glue boards that slide into the trap, and a viewer can’t see the flies stuck on them, making the trap’s fly trapping discreet.  

The most amazing aspect of both traps is their weight: the FLYght is under two kilograms, and FLYght One is slightly heavier than two kilograms.

RodeXit proofing strip: PECOPP offers a simple, easy, and quick-installing rodent proofing solution through Denmark’s RodeXit All-In-One Seal to block mice, rats, and bandicoots from entering buildings.  

The PECOPP stall will have a sample of 25 m.  RodeXit roll in an easy-to-transport flat box.  

RodeXit is available as a twenty-five-meter roll in flat cardboard boxes and is very handy to move around.

The RodeXit roll is suitable for cutting in any length, which avoids wastage, which is common with other rodent proofing products that their manufacturers sell in pre-set lengths.

The screw markings across the strip are guides to installers and are key for quickly fixing RodeXit on doors and shutters.

When you touch the RodeXit strip, you will feel it has a rubbery texture as it is a Santoprene elastomer (thermoplastic vulcanizate).  

RodeXit is rigid enough to withstand pressure but retains flexibility for door and shutter use after RodeXit installation.  

When you observe the cut end of RodeXit, you will notice the ten steel wires impart RodeXit’s ability to repel rodents.  Unfortunately, due to the presence of the steel wires, you can only cut RodeXit using a metal cutter, though you can trim the elastomer portion using Stanley knives.

Aedes-X smart gravitrap: PECOPP CIS 22 stall will also have Pestroniks Aedes-X trap that manages Aedes aegypti mosquitoes by using their natural behavior to prevent a population increase.  

The black Aedes-X trap attracts adult female A. aegypti to lay their eggs in the trap by mimicking ideal natural conditions.  When the larvae emerge from the eggs, initially, they remain in the water at the top of the trap.  

An automatic LED activation and funnel valve opening at a pre-determined operation cycle of every forty-eight hours repels the larvae to move into the trap’s kill zone.  Unfortunately, the trap’s funnel valve closes at the end of the operation cycle, and the lack of oxygen asphyxiates the larvae in the kill zone.

The pheromones secreted by the dead larvae attract female adult A. aegypti mosquitoes to lay eggs in the trap.  Running on AA batteries and needing only water top-up, the Aedes-X has a low maintenance cost.

PECOPP is proud to showcase the above latest technology in pest management products at its CIS 2022 stall and looks forward to demonstrating these innovative products to all its stall visitors.

Customers can avail of the special discount that PECOPP is offering for order bookings at the CIS 2022 at their stall.

The PECOPP team looks forward to meeting customers at its CIS 2022 stall to show them FLYght One and FLYght Duo flycatchers, RodeXit All-In-One rodent proofing strip, and Aedes-X smart gravitrap.

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