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We set up our first PECOPP website in 1999, much before the rest of the Indian pest control industry realized the importance of having an online presence.  Among the many firsts we introduced on our website are the freedom for residential customers to order their services and pay online conveniently.  We offered these features in keeping with our vision of bringing innovation and convenience to pest control services.

Business collaterals don’t remain contemporary, and so too company websites.  We had been mulling to revamp our web presence to showcase our capabilities better and expand our customer segments.  In March this year, we got the great opportunity to devote focussed effort for an improved website as the whole of India went into lockdown.

We used the extra time from business restrictions to prepare a road map for our website and, after that, worked with our design agency Dimerse Media to have a new website ready in September 2020.

What is new in PECOPP’s website version 2:

This blog is an addition to the website’s sections, and we plan to have a monthly blog post starting in September 2020.

We allow customers to get in touch with us from the website via WhatsApp or by telephone.

Our service offerings now include ticks management and disinfection.

Our service descriptions are now more detailed for reader benefit.  We have more information about the different pest treatments that we carry out specific to pests.  We have tips on how customers can prevent pests from occurring or multiplying in customer premises.

We now have short videos that help you understand our service offerings.

We have added case studies of difficult pest situations we encountered in the field and overcame.

We are the first Indian PCO to offer online orders to our commercial (B2B) customers.

B2B enterprises can now visit our website, choose the services they want based on pests PECOPP has to manage and pay for and buy our services.

We now offer to sell the world’s first UV-LED insect light trap, FLYght One and have listed it in our products.

What remains the same

Customers can continue to order and pay for our services online or choose to get a call from us by leaving a message on our website

The famous, easily recognized, and well known PECOPP logo with a cat.

We supplement our website content with graphics of pests.  We continue to rely on our hand-drawn pest graphics, which our customers have come to associate closely with our brand.

We are glad you took the time to read my blog.  We welcome website visitor feedback and request you to leave your comments about our new website here.

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