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Top Row (L to R) :  Atik Khan, Ajinkya Rane, Rahul Survase
Second Row (L to R) : Shrikant Mudaliyar, Rakesh Dutt, Datta More, Dheeraj Gawade
Last Row (L to R) : Ravi Dilpak, Rakesh Balkate, Suraj Dev

At the PECOPP Annual awards for 2020-21 we recognized the company’s best technicians, its frontline employees who were on the field even during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

PECOPP’s own “COVID Warriors” were on the pandemic frontline by providing pest management at hospitals, power companies and other essential services.

In the absence of public transport, technicians overcame commuting challenges just to reach their work sites.  We are proud to announce that all our technicians managed customers’ services safely and effectively in 2020-21 overcoming lockdown limitations and need for infection control protocols.

We are happy to recognize the ten winners of PECOPP Best Technician award for 2020-21.

  • Dheeraj Gawade at Mumbai is particularly good at root-cause identification of complaints  for their quick resolution.  He works at a prominent customer site in the hospitality industry.
  • Ajinkya Rane at Mumbai was active during the lockdown of 2020 handling disinfection services that we provided to an essential services company.  His lack of fear in stepping out for work helped his colleagues also to follow suit enabling PECOPP to continue its services in lockdown.
  • Shrikant Mudaliyar at Mumbai is a punctual employee who has quickly learned pest treatments and now carries out major assignments by himself.
  • Atik Khan at Mumbai is a multi-talented and well-groomed employee who manages the materials and also travels outside the city for providing pest treatments.  He is the PECOPP employee who features in the company’s training and marketing videos.
  • Rakesh Balkate at Mumbai region handles different kinds of work and also helps PECOPP train other technicians.  
  • Datta More at Mumbai region supported his team by doubling up to relieve colleagues at healthcare worksites.  He also helped his team mates by ferrying them on his two wheeler when public transport restrictions created commuting challenges for the PECOPP team.
  • Rahul Survase at Nashik excel in his pest treatments which helps him to prevent any pest recurrence.  His work at important customer sites has helped PECOPP to satisfy those customers who have very high opinion about Rahul.
  • Rakesh Dutt at Gujarat helped the PECOPP branch in the state in the absence of the branch manager.  He is willing to travel outside his city on work and always eager to take on any work PECOPP assigns to him.
  • Suraj Dev at Delhi NCR performs consistently and sometimes works late hours and thus his team members rate him highly.
  • Ravi Dilpak at Maharashtra helps us manage a key customer site for many years.  His effective handling of the pest treatments has helped PECOPP manage pests even in lockdown without issues.
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