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One year after we started our Plant Doctor business, we are happy to launch its website: for gardeners to order premium plant care products.

Our journey in the past year has mirrored what other businesses in India went through during the COVID-19 pandemic. We first engaged with Mumbai region gardeners by visiting them to understand their common gardening queries. We then identified suitable products for growing garden plants, garden pests, disease management, and garden plant nutrition.  We started selling a range of premium, organic gardening products in January 2021 and have already catered to the requirements of hundreds of Mumbai gardeners in the past nine months.

Right now, our all-purpose potting mix, Magic Soil, pest repellent, Dr. Neem+, and liquid nutrient spray, Green Diet, are very popular among our customers. All our customers ordering these products are very happy with the performance of those products and repeat their purchases. In addition, customers have also been ordering our potting mix component, Horti-Perlite, vermicompost variants, Protect Plus and Nutri-rich, disease-preventing products, Dr. Green and Dr. Earth, and a nutritional supplement, Sea Secret. 

The overwhelming customer response to our superior garden care products with aesthetic and high-quality packaging enthuses us to introduce more gardening products for discerning Indian gardeners. Therefore, we are excited to launch more premium garden care products in the future. We sell only those products that we have used in our gardens and found easy to use and highly beneficial. So, you can rest assured that we list only products that we are happy with, and every gardener should find useful.

In our quest to “make gardening easy,” we carefully evaluate the best gardening products and list them only if every gardener can use them easily. In a challenging 2020 and 2021, we were happy to help people indulge in gardening, the top pandemic hobby, and what looks like it will be a popular one through this century.

Our online store is just the start of our next level of engagement with gardeners. We have already planned online and offline gardening workshops, fun events for children and families, and an “Ask the Plant Doctor” website section to answer your questions.

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