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You know what we are talking about. Some insects can traumatize you just by the smell that they produce. They feel like a form of revenge for all those other harmless insects that you may have knowingly or unknowingly squished during your lives. They have chemical compounds designed to repel their predators by a strong scent that lingers around. The scent ranges from rotten eggs to disintegrating flesh, and trust me, we all know how disgusting it gets. Sometimes it’s a fair deal to have your house checked up by pest control professionals just in case since they know places to check that you wouldn’t be able to think of. There are a lot of affordable pest control services in Pune and other cities across India to have your home checked at any time.

When do these stink bugs try to get indoors?

Stinky bugs generally prefer warm environments and try to swarm into your house when the temperature outside drops below a certain level. Unfortunately, these are common bug-like creatures that you won’t probably be able to differentiate when you see them first. Apart from trying to take advantage and being attracted to your warmth indoors, these insects are also attracted to sources of light such as tube lights and CFLs. 

Also, they are mostly nocturnal and very active during the night. Therefore, you should lock up your doors and windows early during the winter months at night to avoid stink bugs coming into your home. 

How to avoid stinky bugs from coming into your home?

You could take many precautions to keep these bugs outside your home. The first thing that we would recommend is getting a light-based flying insect catcher that can be obtained from pest control service providers. You can get rid of many of them since they are attracted to light and automatically come and get stuck on its glueboard. You can also use multiple pest repellent products such as earth-based powders that specifically repel these stink bugs. 

You could also try using incense sticks and smoke-from incense burners with repellants. Try lining the lights with powder repellants so that the bugs do not try to get a snuggly warm place underneath the electrical attachments. You could also install screens over your windows and doors to prevent bugs from swarming into the house. Finally, you can employ pest control services to line your doors and windows with pest repellent lining to prevent stink bugs and other bugs from infiltrating.

How to get rid of stink bugs? 

Most of the time, stink bugs try to hurdle into warm places such as the attic and the basements. Unfortunately, these places are dark, warm, and humid, perfect environments for these bugs to thrive. 

If you find them swarming into these places, you could also try to placet sticky traps under light sources. These bugs will get attracted to the light and then stuck on the glue paper. You could toss the sticky trap away in the morning and repeat the process until they are all gone.

Instead of sticky papers, you could also use a plate of oil with a candle in the middle. Of course, the bugs will eventually start falling into the oil and drown in them. However, it is a very good way of getting rid of these types of bugs in a short quick run. If you want to get rid of them entirely quickly, all you need to do is call up a good pest control service. There are many good pest control services in Mumbai, Pune, and other big cities in India, and they will fix up the situation for you in no time.


Stinky bugs can become a real pain if they swarm in large numbers. In order to avoid that from happening, keep your windows and doors clean and shut and also screened to stop any insects from entering and take special care during the winters. 
If you have an infestation, make sure you immediately contact pest control and an intensive pest removal done as soon as possible since these pests breed and grow very quickly. That’s all from us for today on stink bugs and how to get rid of them. We wish you a bugless spring and winter.

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