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Though loved by all and bringing in a ton of fun, joy, and outdoor time, the summer season also brings a ton of pests that are a complete nuisance and mood turners. Many different types of pests generally show up during summer and cause damage to your health and your home. Why do pests increase during summer? How do we prevent and get rid of them? We will answer all these questions, so read on.

Why do pests thrive and swarm during summer?

To understand this phenomenon where insects and pests all come out and make life miserable for us during summer, let me take you to the basic lessons. First, the lifestyle of most of these pests and bugs that cause harm to the human habitat makes them act as parasites. For example, they are gatherers, which means that they collect and hoard food during summer to survive the winter months in their warm burrows without needing to go out and look for food. 

Let us take a look at ants; for example, they are gatherers, as we know, and hoard food for the winter. However, these little insects can be seen swarming around food during summer a lot more often than during winter. Heightened pest activity shows that it’s their lifestyle that makes them avid and active during summer. The same goes for many other pests such as termites, mice, cockroaches, centipedes, and other insects.

This lifestyle is not the sole reason for seasonal activity of some other pests. For example, mosquitos are more active during summer due to their reproductive activity. They breed in warm and humid environments in stagnant water, and you will generally see them active during  summer. As a result, the mosquito population increase as it depends on the cleanliness of your environment. Stagnant water is a direct breeding hub for mosquitos and flies and other insects of their kind. Even though they aren’t that big of a nuisance, the diseases they spread as vectors make them dangerous pests that you should control. 

How to prevent pests during summer?

Many precautions can be taken before the summer arrives to cut down on pest activity in your home. Let me start by telling you a bit about keeping the surroundings clean and organized for pest control. Never leave empty spaces or corners that rodents and other similar pests can easily access. Have regular inspections around the house to see any pest activity to nip it in the bud. Never keep leftovers from food out in the open, which acts as an open invitation for pests. Also, from our personal experience, we would highly advise you to keep a pest repellant spray in the house and use it when you see a pest. The more you ignore them, the more they grow and thrive. Such development leads to them growing and then becoming hard to control. 

What if you did not take the proper precautions and now are left to deal with a pest issue in your home. The presence of man pests sounds like a job for professional pest control service providers. Give them a call and let them inspect your house and get the job done. Also, try to get a regular inspection by pest control services by Pecopp at your location to keep track of what’s happening in your home. We always know how to reach places you can’t, so hiring professionals is always a good idea. 


We have for now about all pests in summer. They can become a horrible nuisance if not cared for. Ensure you follow instructions and the precautions to prevent pests from growing further. Try getting regular inspections by pest control service providers to have a broader perspective of pest activity. We wish you a happy pest-free summer.

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