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In keeping with its vision of introducing innovation and convenience to the pest control industry, PECOPP improved its website in April 2022.

PECOPP’s online ordering now allows customers to save and access their details anytime, reducing their effort to enter their data each time they order or renew their contract online.  

Our website also securely saves details of online orders for customers to refer to anytime.

Customer data security: The PECOPP website secures customer data by validating a user through a One Time Password (OTP) it sends to their mobile number, which identifies each unique customer.  Such enhanced security ensures that only customers can access their data on the PECOPP website.

Multiple-service orders: Customers can now choose multiple services in one order helping them get pest treatments for a range of pests at their homes or offices.  On the new website, after a customer orders one service, they have an option to add more services before they proceed to confirm their order.

We believe the multi-service order feature is of great help to homeowners who would like to protect their families by ordering services against multiple pests such as cockroaches, ants, termites, bed bugs, etc.

Website order discounts: Our website offers multiple discounts, with one customer eligible for three different discounts.  

In addition to the discount of 10% for online orders, multiple-service orders of value higher than INR 7500 get an additional 5% discount, and online digital payments qualify for a 5% discount.    

Thus, customers can save up to 20% on their online orders on the PECOPP website.

Summary of PECOPP website discounts:

Online order10%
Digital payment5%
Higher value order (>INR 7500)5%
Maximum total20%

Our online customers save money and time through the above discounts and the flexibility to order PECOPP services from anywhere and anytime.  

Being the pioneer Indian pest control company to offer online ordering, we have noticed that our customers book our services any time of day or night.

PECOPP is one of the few Indian Pest Control Operators (PCOs) to offer complete order booking and payment options to residential (B2C) customers.  

In addition, PECOPP remains the only Indian PCO to offer online ordering and payment for B2B customers since 2021.  

Further, since 2021 PECOPP customers can order, renew, review their contract terms, and pay online.  Studying the best practices of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands, through our Digital PECOPP initiative, we have simplified the ordering process by making it completely digital.

We share an online link with customers by SMS and email to enable their access to order information, review and acceptance of their contract terms and conditions, and payment for their services through a few clicks on their screen.

A customer can complete the ordering and payment of our services in less than five minutes from anywhere, using their smartphone or computer.  

By linking our website to our customized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, we ensure that customers receive their contract and payment details by email.  In addition, the ERP system updates order information instantly, enabling us to schedule services as per customer requirements.

We are one of the few Indian PCOs to offer our customers a simple, easy, and convenient ordering facility.

PECOPP maintains its pest control industry leadership through its continuous process improvement, letting its customers have a seamless experience on its website.   

We are working on minimizing our phone calls to customers regarding the schedule for our pest treatments at their homes.  

Our technology team has developed a Short Message Service (SMS) feature, which allows a customer to accept the day and time we have planned their home’s services or seek an alternate time slot that is convenient to them.

Await our future announcements of website features to enhance customer convenience.

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