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Imagine spending your day looking forward to your favourite snack, only to find that pesky pantry pests beat you to it! Mice, Indian meal moths, ants, and grain beetles are common pests that can crawl into your pantry and contaminate or ruin your food. 

Pests are a general menace, but they become a greater concern if they’re around your food. So, say goodbye to your worries about managing pantry pests with the six tips below, all backed by professional pest control services.

  1. Store Your Snacks and Ingredients Properly

You can avoid a pantry pest infestation by following the basic mantra of proper storage. Make sure you keep your snacks and baking ingredients in sealed plastic or glass containers. They must have tight-fitting lids to keep your pantry tidy while keeping pests away. 

Additionally, Ziploc bags are useful for storing items that you have opened but won’t use up at once — like spices, a pack of chips, or salted snacks. 

Never leave out unsealed packages or boxes in your pantry, and don’t leave the packaging on the pantry floor either.

  1. Be A Clever and Alert Shopper 

Often, pantry pests enter your home through things that were already infested at the time you bought them. Always leave out food that exhibits even evidence of damage at the grocery store. 

Thoroughly check all packets, bags, and boxes before bringing them home. However, if you miss any signs of pests in your purchases and they end up in your pantry, don’t worry. Local pest control services like Pecopp, provide pest control in Pune and other major cities across India will solve your problem. 

  1. Double-Check the Date of Expiration 

Products sitting on shelves for a long time are attractive to pests. Before you buy any ingredients or snacks, make sure you have plenty of time until the expiration date arrives. Similarly, before using baking ingredients, verify the dates. 

Sort through outdated items in the pantry regularly and discard anything you have not touched for a while and most likely won’t. Even specialists from the top pest control services in Gurgaon would agree!

  1. Maintain Utmost Cleanliness and Hygiene 

Pests thrive in greasy, dusty, and dirty spots. Kitchens and pantries are highly vulnerable to the accumulation of crumbs or spilling of liquids. So, ensure proper and careful cleaning of tables, floors, countertops, and pantry shelves with homemade cleaning solutions. 

Use garbage bins with lids, and regularly dispose of your trash in sealed receptacles. In case you spot any creepy crawlies in your kitchen or pantry. Then can carry out careful inspections and locate pest hotspots in your pantry. 

  1. Try Using Bay Leaves to Repel Pests

Bay leaves have a characteristic pungent scent owing to pinene, cineol, and elemicin repulsive to several pests — especially cockroaches and moths. 

You could try adding a bay leaf or two to your pantry storage units, such as canisters and containers. Packages or small sacks of flour, grains, and rice will also benefit from the presence of bay leaves in them.  

Get in touch with trusted local pest control professionals like Pecopp, that offer pest control services in Pune and major cities across India, for more tips.

To Sum Up,

These steps above are effective ways of preventing pests from taking over your pantry. However, if you have a persisting issue, then do not think twice before contacting pest control services in your area. Pecopp’s competent pest control service in Gurgaon and other cities across India can offer you a permanent or long-lasting solution. 

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