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Your home is one of your most valuable assets — there’s no doubt! When something is so dear to you, you’re going to want to make sure it remains safe and in good condition. A termite infestation may devastate the value of your property before you even come to terms with it. 

Check out these five things you could be doing that may accidentally welcome termites into your home. You can always give a ring to your neighbourhood pest control service if you need help.

  1. You Keep Wood Piles Too Close To Your Home

Termites, as well as other pests, often flock towards wood piles and firewood. These offer favourable conditions to termites for nesting and thriving. 

Wood piles, in this manner, become passages for termites to gradually infest your home as well. Termites will move inside your home and inflict major damage if the wood is close to the building. 

To limit the chance of a termite infestation, stack wood piles at least twenty feet away from your garden shed and house. Also, keep it five inches above the ground. Even the most reputable pest control services in Delhi and other major cities across India recommend this.

  1. Dead Or Decaying Trees Dot Your Surroundings

Termites love to devour rotting wood and leaves from decaying trees. The deadwood becomes soft and damp as it decomposes, welcoming termites. You might attract these little insects near your house, whether you have a dead tree or a rotting tree stump in your garden or backyard.  

As a precaution, contact a professional for tree removal services before termites take up residence in such spots. Local exterminators in your city that offer pest control services can also provide suggestions. 

  1. Excess Foliage And Wood Around Your Home

Termites frequently climb trees to set up a new colony searching for a new location. These bugs can use trees to climb up onto your home’s side or roof and ultimately enter your home.

Branches and leaves that touch the top or sides of a new building might be the ideal bridge for them to come inside in search of comfortable conditions. To keep termites at bay, you must prune the branches and leaves away from the sides and top of your house.

  1. You Allow Mulch To Come In Contact With Your Home

Mulch is a valuable resource for gardening. However, it’s also a buffet for termites since it’s a thick blanket of dried deadwood. 

Mulch can attract termites even while you use it in typical manners. Many people let mulch come into direct contact with their home’s foundations. 

If termites get into your mulch and come into contact with your home’s structure, they may easily discover cracks and gaps in your foundation and walls. You can always contact Pecopp, your local pest control service in Delhi and across India if this happens. 

  1. Your Maintenance Practices Are Improper

As you know, several factors attract termites and other pests to your property. One of these is high moisture or water damage. Furthermore, improper window installation might allow water to seep into wall gaps and cause difficulties. 

Poor weather-stripping, leaky pipes, stagnant water in basements or balconies, and damp walls are some more examples of risky conditions. 

If your gutters or drains are blocked or empty too slowly, they are bound to attract termites. These insects move towards damp foliage or other matter sitting in the drain, soon making their way into the house.

Pecopp provides pest control services in Ahmedabad and other cities across India and its team is equipped to come to your rescue if you have termites at your home.

Summing Up

Termites are looking for the best place to start a new termite colony. The most damaging termites, subterranean termites, will pick a soil location closest to a food supply. Do you fear that your home’s structural integrity has been compromised? Well, then it’s time to get in touch with Pecopp, which offers professional pest control services across India. 

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