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It’s not a pleasant sight, but you may spot a roach or two scuttling across your home every once in a while. These unhygienic and disease-carrying pests may not seem like a problem alone, but they multiply quickly. That puts your home at risk for a full-fledged cockroach infestation. 

So, here are five tips to keep cockroaches out of your apartment. 

  1. Regularly Clean Kitchen Counters To Avoid Leaving Crumbs Or Food That Can Attract Cockroaches

The secret to keeping roaches away is good hygiene and regular cleaning. Your kitchen is vulnerable to becoming a cockroach hotspot since it gives the pests easy access to food and water. So, make sure you clean up after every meal and get rid of crumbs or spills. 

Try not to leave unclean utensils in the sink or leftover food out in the open. 

Keep the kitchen shelves tidy, and use antibacterial cleaning solutions to wipe down the stovetop, countertops and mop the floors. You can make your kitchen cleaning solution with four tablespoons of baking soda in a cup of water. 

There are other cockroach-repellent solutions and pastes that you can use for cleaning- your local pest control, for instance, pest control services in Ahmedabad, may be able to provide guidance. 

  1. Ventilate The Area To Prevent Moisture Build Up 

Roaches thrive in damp, dingy places, so proper ventilation is very important for their deterrence. If you reside in cities that tend to get humid, this is all the more important. Make sure you have plenty of air circulation in all rooms and lots of sunshine every day. 

Basements, attics, storage rooms and bathrooms need extra attention in this case. It will keep you from searching for help from pest control services in Gurgaon

  1. Keep Garbage In Sealed Containers And Dispose Of It Regularly

Cockroaches are bound to swarm towards garbage and dirt. Ensure your garbage bins are airtight or have a lid that properly fits. You can also use rubbers bands to ensure that the top of the bin stays in place. 

While disposing of waste, don’t let it spill out of the bin, clear out all your garbage regularly. The longer it sits, the more attractive it becomes to cockroaches who feed on anything from leftover food to faecal matter. 

Strict garbage-disposal habits are the first suggestion by exterminators in busy cities, like pest control services in Delhi

  1. Clean Sinks And Bathrooms Regularly

Bathrooms are another location that cockroaches frequent because of dampness and the presence of waste and grime. A cockroach infestation in bathrooms can flare up to such an extent that you might need to contact the finest in your city — like the best pest control Delhi can offer. 

Clean your sinks and bathrooms regularly to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water or dirt like hair strands, dead skin, and more. Spraying acetic acid in sinks and toilets is an effective way of keeping roaches away — all you need to do is mix 30 ml of vinegar in about 100 ml of water. 

Moreover, keep an eye out for any plumbing issues that may cause pipes, faucets, or toilets to leak and fix them immediately. It can be helpful to use a bathroom fan to remove excess moisture from the air during and after baths and showers. 

  1. Seal Cracks And Holes Around The Foundation, Windows Or Other Entryways Into Your Apartments

To ensure that these filthy critters stay out, you’ll have to find and seal any potential entry locations they may be using. 

Take a close look around your apartment, indoors as well as outdoors. Search for cracks, crevices, holes, or gaps in the walls, doors, and windows. You can reduce the roaches’ accessibility to your home in some cases by fixing cracks in flooring and door frames. 

Close the openings of drain and sewer lines, as well as drinking water and power wires. A caulking gun or concrete filling is ideal for sealing cracks and holes, while gaps under doors and windows could use some door sweeps. 

Professionals in your city, like pest control in Pune, can identify cockroach entry points and help you seal them. 

Additionally, thoroughly inspect groceries, laundry, unclean clothing, egg boxes, and furniture before bringing them into your apartment.

To Sum Up

If you’re hoping to say goodbye to cockroaches in your apartment, the five tips above should come in handy. These pests can put you at risk of ailments like dysentery, food poisoning, and diarrhoea, among others. If you need some extra help, don’t hesitate to consult pest control near you, for instance, the most competent pest control Ahmedabad houses!

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