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Whether you see them or not, pests in your home can be a menace. These critters love playing hide-and-seek while risking the health, hygiene, and condition of your family and home. That is why it’s best to remain up to date with the most common pests in your home and the effects they have. 

Venture further to learn more about the top five pests in Indian homes and their impact. As they say- know your enemy!


Cockroaches are the first on this list because of their sheer commonness. These pests can find their way into your homes through little cracks and holes or even through pipes. You’ll find them hiding and multiplying in dark and narrow spaces, waiting to feed on faecal matter, grime, and leftovers. 

Roaches don’t usually bite, but they cause health issues. Their discarded skin and droppings can give rise to allergies or asthma attacks in sensitive people. Cockroaches carry pathogens that induce a range of diseases like dysentery, leprosy, cholera, typhoid, or gastroenteritis. 

Additionally, they produce a nauseating substance from their mouths and glands on their bodies, which leaves a lingering, foul cockroach odour in spaces or food they frequent.

So, if you spot any of these creepy-crawlies in your home, contact professionals in your area- for instance, pest control services in Ahmedabad immediately! 


Estimates say that there are almost quadrillion ants on this planet. Some are bound to find their way into your home at some point, attracting larger pests to feed on them too!

You’ll most likely find them in your kitchen, posing dangers to the hygiene of your food with their dirt and waste. Not only this, but ants like carpenter ants can threaten the structural integrity of your home by damaging the wood. Ensure you don’t leave food crumbs around your home, and always keep your kitchen clean. 

Ant stings can cause excessive irritation as well. 

If you follow these tiny tips and still see ants, it may be time to call pest control services in your city, like pest control in Pune


Termites are not a direct threat to humans and their health. However, these burrowing pests can severely damage your home and furniture. Termites thrive on cellulose-based plant materials, which are plentiful in houses. They can eat their way through your house’s foundation and risk the structure. Mould can also appear where they have caused damage, causing infectious health problems if you inhale the spores.

Moreover, they can also end up hollowing out your favourite furniture. If you hear light tapping sounds when it gets quiet, the chances are high that your house is infested with termites. 

If you have a termite infestation, you’ll need to call in the best pest control Delhi can offer. Perhaps get some repairs done too. 


If you aren’t careful, you can find silverfish throughout moist, humid, or damp and dingy places in your home! These are common pests in Indian dwellings that are elusive to the naked eye. However, their impact is always clear.

Silverfish leave holes and notches along the edges of furniture, shelves, or clothes. Materials they infest often have yellow stains or faeces, which look like tiny pepper-like pellets. 

Silverfish can be highly damaging to your clothes, upholstery, or carpets, leaving behind holes and nasty smells. While they don’t threaten humans, they infest things like shoes, books, dry food, and wallpaper. 

Drain Flies

The drains in your home can be a prime spot for pests due to stagnant water and bacteria accumulation. Drain flies are common moth-like insects that can rapidly fest your home since they can lay and hatch as many as 300 eggs within 48 hours. That means that they can spread nests all across your pipes.

These bugs thrive in sinks, bathtub drains, sewers, garbage bins, and septic tanks. They may also swarm up in damp mops, buckets, or other moist places. 

Drain flies are not harmful to humans but carriers of potentially health-threatening bacteria. They can contaminate surfaces in your home and be a complete nuisance as well. 

Don’t wait if you notice these moth-like flies hopping across your home; begin searching along the lines of ‘pest control services in Delhi’ immediately. 

Wrapping Up

Pests are a health risk, along with being a nuisance in your home. That’s why you need to remain observant of the common Indian pests that you may find in your home. 

There are several basic measures you can take to prevent an infestation. Maintaining good hygiene, sealing cracks and holes, and airing out your home one in a while are just a few of them. However, if you notice any of the above pests in your house, contact nothing short of the finest in your city — like the best pest control services in Gurgaon or the best pest control Ahmedabad can offer.

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