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PECOPP pioneered India’s first online order booking process for pest management through its website for B2C customers in December 2017.  PECOPP’s website allowed customers to choose their pest services and contract duration and pay online anytime and from anywhere.  Customers have appreciated the PECOPP website for its simple ordering steps that lead to a quick booking of services.

In November 2020, PECOPP followed up its online B2C ordering process with a similar one for B2B customers.  It also began using an app that enabled customers to sign on a screen after a technician completed a pest treatment. In addition, customers now receive digital records with details of the PECOPP services they received and accepted.

As a result of the above website features, PECOPP has been a popular choice among digital natives and other customers seeking convenience in pest service orders.

In 2020 when PECOPP faced the challenge of reaching customers during lockdowns, we got the idea of switching all our customers to an online ordering system.  We wanted to give customers choosing our services newly or renewing their contract to do so online with a few clicks and in a few minutes.

Using the help of our IT partner, EVA Software Systems, we digitized our offers that we could share with customers by SMS or email.  Then, using the link we sent them, customers could view their order, read, and accept contract terms and conditions and pay online to complete their transaction swiftly.  

After a customer orders our services, our system now emails them the contract and the invoice and gives them the option of accessing those order documents through an SMS hyperlink.

Our belief in innovation to create convenience drove us to complete the most recent digital process for customers.   

We have received a good response from our customers to conclude and pay for their order online. 

At PECOPP, we differentiate ourselves from others through technology for customer convenience, transparency, and achieving customer delight.

We look forward to sharing stories of our foray into the digital world of business.

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