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We are happy to offer FLYght Duo, the second product in the FLYght ILT series

FLYght Duo has a sturdy aluminum shell and weighs just 1.75 kg.  FLYght Duo continues the trend of sleek, robust, & low energy consuming ILTs by Pestroniks Innovations. Pestroniks has launched FLYght Duo across Asia and is introducing that ILT at other continents during 2021.   The FLYght range is an ideal investment during the COVID-19 pandemic as its buyers have an opportunity to optimize their energy costs by switching to it.   FLYght saves users 70-80% on the power that the trap consumes, in comparison to two and three fluorescent tube UV traps.

The table below shows why FLYght offer the lowest cost of ownership among ILTs 

TrapInput power (W)Consumption per annum (KWH)Annual power costs (INR)Savings with FLYght
Three-tube ILT45456388881%
Two-tube ILT30300259271%

Note: Traps consume slightly higher power than their rating.  We have assumed KWH charges of INR 8.50.

Like we have shown above, the daily savings in power costs off-set the purchase price of FLYght traps. 

The simple design of FLYght Duo lets a user handle it by one hand even while standing on a ladder, adding to user safety.

We are currently taking orders for FLYght Duo after selling FLYght One during 2020-21. 

Being inherently glass-free, FLYght UV LEDs last 50,000 hours and do not need replacement for many years.  FLYght traps are also mercury-free and thus an ideal choice in meeting Food Safety (FS), Quality Management System (QMS) and Environmental Management System (EMS)programs. 

We ship all FLYght traps to customers with a three-year warranty against electrical component defects.

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