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Happy to announce 1 st round vaccination of PECOPP employees

PECOPP is happy to announce completion of 1 st round COVID-19 vaccination of all its eligible employees.

We thank Mumbai’s Holy Family, Lilavati, Jaslok, Prince Aly Khan, Hiranandani, Apollo, Hinduja and
Godrej and Pune’ Ruby Hall hospitals who vaccinated our employees providing pest management
services at their premises.

As Front-Line Workers (FLW), several of our employees got their vaccination as early as January and
February 2021 when the Government of India (GoI) launched the country’s mammoth vaccination

We also thank our customer Tata Power for arranging vaccination program for their vendors in which we
could avail vaccination of several of our team members.

As a pest management service provider, we carefully ensure employee and customer safety. In the
COVID-19 pandemic, we have closely tracked employee 1 st dose vaccination status for full coverage at
the earliest feasible time.

We are happy and proud to declare that all PECOPP technicians providing services at customer sites
from 1.8.2021 and their office colleagues have taken atleast one dose of COVID-19 vaccination.

We shall soon share news of 100% coverage of all frontline and back office PECOPP employees with
both doses of COVID-19 vaccination.

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